Checking your Airdrop Allocation

An airdrop was performed on September 9, 2019, to replicate accounts from the Tezos blockchain to Dune Network. For that, a snapshot was taken at block 600,000 of Tezos.

The following operations were performed:

  • All tokens on KT1 accounts were automatically moved to the tz1 manager
  • All accounts with less than 10 tokens were removed

If you had an account on Tezos, you can check your balance:

  • Take only your Tezos key hashes (tz1)
  • Go to the DunScan block explorer
  • Enter your Tezos key hash (tz1) in the Search bar and hit GO
  • DunScan should display an account page with a Dune key hash (dn1)
  • In the “Account Details” box, hit the “tz” icon. A Tezos key hash should appear below the Dune key hash. You can check it is yours.
  • In the same box, the “Balance” field should show your Dune tokens