Dapps Development

Dapps are decentralized applications, also called ‘smart contracts’ running on Dune.

Love based languages

Love, currently under development, is an ML-style smart contract language which is both more readable and closer in syntax to Liquidity than Michelson.

Love will be available as a target for the Liquidity compiler. Contracts written in Love will be able to interact with both Michelson and other Love contracts.

It is expected to be released by end of September 2019.

Legacy Languages

Dune is 100% compatible with the Michelson low-level, stack-based language in the Tezos blockchain. Moreover, other low-level languages (see e.g. the Love based languages above) are due to be released in the near future.

There are various languages targetting Michelson that can be used also for Dune:

  • The Liquidity language accepts both OCaml and ReasonML syntax. Its Online Editor can directly deploy smart contracts on the network. It also features a decompiler from Michelson back to Liquidity to audit contracts.
  • The Ligo language accepts both Pascal and OCaml syntaxes.
  • The SmartPy language accepts Python-like syntax.

Other languages

Other low-level languages may be integrated into the Dune blockchain in the future as needs arise.