Frequently Asked Questions

How to create/print/list/del keys?

You can use the following commands:

$ dune-client gen keys my-key
Key my-key registered

$ dune-client list known addresses
my-key: dn1VR3s5M1ct6iGftzJEzKTexyxH5s1PA5sW (unencrypted sk known)

$ dune-client show address my-key
Hash: dn1VR3s5M1ct6iGftzJEzKTexyxH5s1PA5sW
Public Key: edpkujfZ7WcmVGe9rUUm9hDMT6uSnwiT1wYdhhUGFy9aVGDudd4b9m

$ dune-client forget address my-faucet --force
Address my-faucet unregistered

Is my node discussing with other nodes ?

You can set the following environment variable to watch the network layer of Dune node:

export TEZOS_LOG=' p2p.fd -> debug; p2p.connection -> debug '

How to create a faked account ?

This is only possible on the Testnet. Download a JSON entry from, and use the following command to activate it:

dune-client activate account my-faucet with tz1VnXdZpCLnJeF5kHng6UMxzfr2WgsbUZFw.json

where tz1VnXdZpCLnJeF5kHng6UMxzfr2WgsbUZFw.json is an example of downloaded file.

The output should look like:

Node is bootstrapped, ready for injecting operations.
Operation successfully injected in the node.
Operation hash is 'ooDwJZ97u4NDPcnCcUgSKq7ZrPSHYD7hRUUiKqQbyBVPqJvUZ87'
Waiting for the operation to be included...
Operation found in block: BMNioW3SJPzZX2EEGoa6ahh6bsvGRsARZCqSHs9MuUZJDfs6VGT (pass: 2, offset: 0)
This sequence of operations was run:
  Genesis account activation:
    Account: dn1SHRaQtSKQfjnL8pDQAAVb4dNHLCxaZwVS
    Balance updates:
      dn1SHRaQtSKQfjnL8pDQAAVb4dNHLCxaZwVS ... +ꜩ37888.263386

The operation has only been included 0 blocks ago.
We recommend to wait more.
Use command
  dune-client wait for ooDwJZ97u4NDPcnCcUgSKq7ZrPSHYD7hRUUiKqQbyBVPqJvUZ87 to be included --confirmations 30 --branch BMbM8FADte4yRsgDzYoghRg76odcirynZg1ZQW5oYG82qzzWKXE
and/or an external block explorer.
Account my-faucet (dn1SHRaQtSKQfjnL8pDQAAVb4dNHLCxaZwVS) activated with ꜩ37888.263386.

How to convert between dn-/tz- keys ?

If you want to know the key corresponding to a dn- or tz- key, you can use the following command:

$ dune-client dune print key hashes tz1QqUfi16PtCAjf1VPLmjCKmcJT3j62TKEU
Keyhash: dn1MLNcZ5LNWZGGuQ1p4qRKwqZphsF5Tt5im
Keyhash: tz1QqUfi16PtCAjf1VPLmjCKmcJT3j62TKEU

$ dune-client dune print key hashes dn1MLNcZ5LNWZGGuQ1p4qRKwqZphsF5Tt5im
Keyhash: dn1MLNcZ5LNWZGGuQ1p4qRKwqZphsF5Tt5im
Keyhash: tz1QqUfi16PtCAjf1VPLmjCKmcJT3j62TKEU