Who We Are

Dune Network is the secured Web 3.0 platform designed for enterprise-grade decentralized applications with an entire ecosystem of Apps

Why what
we do matters

Dune Network is also a sidechain of Bitcoin making DUN and BTC complementary coins and contains a new native smart contract language designed for performance and formal verification. Dune Network is focused on interoperability, flexibility and developers tooling where many developers could use DUN to be secured and to use technical components from. Dune Network is both, a public ledger that uses a working Liquid Delegated Proof-of-Stake (LDPOS) with its Dune (DUN) token, and a free software platform that can be used to instantiate private blockchains, with a focus on security, correctness and ergonomy. Institutional entities have the freedom to choose between public and private blockchains as well as public and private transactions.

The right balance

Dune can also be seen as a mix between the best features of the Tezos (robustness), Ethereum, (expressivity), Quorum (privacy) and Bitcoin (security).

Build with us

Dune Network has been specifically designed to be easily deployed as a private permissioned blockchain for every business. In addition, it offers both business and technical support to facilitate the integration of established companies on to its platform. We think such a feature is key to stability and interest of corporates in blockchains.