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The bridge between Dune Network and your browser


A Secure Wallet

Metal offers an interface to the Dune Network blockchain. It allows anyone to execute operations like sending coins, picking a delegation service and delegating coins to them, originating new smart contract, etc. This enables anyone to interact with the blockchain without having to run a full node.


A Bridge to dApps

Metal aims to create a hub that will help dApp developers and remove friction for the users. DApp developers can start working on their app and use the injected Metal API and not worry about the wallet/crypto by delegating it to Metal. Users will receive notification of any signing requests coming from the visited dApp pages and decide to accept or not.


Open Source and Free

You can install it from the extension store on Firefox and Chrome. You can view the source code on GitLab. You can also use gitlab to contribute to the code base by making merge requests or reporting any issues that you may encounters.

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A Secure Wallet in Your Browser

Manage all your accounts from Metal. Activation, transaction, delegation, origination and more directly in your web browser.

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Simplifying dApp Development

/* Call Metal that will handle the transaction for you */
  /* The destination address */
  dst: "dn1NxT6WVYeAqrUfKBAgfWSk5VRoSbx8z7WF",
  /* The amount that you want to transfer in mudun, e.g. 42 DUN */
  amount: "42000000",
  /* The callback is optional, e.g. let's display the operation hash */
  cb: (res => console.log(res.msg))

One line transactions in your dApps

Metal handles the transaction for the dApp developers. It forges and ask for user to sign the transaction before sending it onto the blockchain.

Read The Documentation
/* The initial balance of your smart contract in mudun,
   e.g. for 100 DUN */
var initial_balance = "100000000";

/* The callback is optional, e.g. let's display the
   operation hash */
var callback = (res => console.log(res.msg)) ;

/* Call Metal that will handle the transaction for you */
                 sc_code: 'YOUR_SMART_CONTRACT_CODE',
                 cb: callback}) ;

Create smart contracts easily

Seamlessly deploy your smart contract from your dApp or the Liquidity online IDE

Liquidity Online IDE


16/10/2020, version 1.7.5
  • Bugfixes:
    • fix some issues with api's onstatechanged feature when used with promises
08/10/2020, version 1.7.4
  • Bugfixes:
    • fix some issues with api's onstatechanged feature
    • fix some issues with api's callback manager
29/09/2020, version 1.7.3
  • Bugfixes:
    • fix some issues with notif on error
    • fix some issues with custom network
    • fix some issues with love's timestamp
22/09/2020, version 1.7.2
  • Bugfixes:
    • fix some issues with notif not closing
    • fix some issues on firefox version
18/09/2020, version 1.7.1
  • New / Improved features:
    • allow choice of unit for operation ("mudun" or "dun")
  • Bugfixes:
    • fix postpone feature cleanup after commit
    • fix clear of local storage (pending op, pending notif, etc) when updating storage
    • fix api's callbacks not carrying error message
    • small ui bugs
03/09/2020, version 1.7
  • New / Improved features:
    • full version of metal using vuejs
    • add theming
    • api now allows to pick the network
    • exposes some node RPCs to the api
    • add "expert mode" feature which allows batching / delaying of operations
    • add next_time_block function in api
02/06/2020, version 1.6
  • New / Improved features:
    • first version of metal using vuejs
    • improve api documentation
  • Misc
    • change build system
27/05/2020, version 1.5.1
  • Improved feature:
    • default gas limit is now given by the node
  • Bugfixes:
    • fix notarize hashing function
    • fix minor bugs with custom networks
30/04/2020, version 1.5
  • New / Improved features:
    • support for batch operations feature
    • support for collect call feature
    • update Love to the latest version
    • documentation improvements (examples and tutorials)
    • allow emptying of account
    • add promise support in API
  • Misc:
    • update notarization contract on testnet
    • small improvement in storage management
    • continue work on store compliance
26/02/2020, version 1.4
  • New / Improved Features:
    • support for custom network (allows usage of local nodes, sandbox network, etc)
    • make dunscan API endpoint optional (this make working with sandbox networks easier)
    • notarization feature
    • LOVE smart-contract langage is now supported
    • new manager operation options
  • Misc:
    • update some encoding to the last revision of dune network
    • lot of work to be add-on/extension store compliant
05/02/2020 - Beta 4
  • New / Improved Features:
    • Babylon+ support (KT1 that becomes manager contract can send / delegate tokens)
    • allow unsetting of delegates
    • manage account operation (max_roll, whitelist, etc)
    • support of entrypoint in contract call
  • Misc:
    • first version for firefox
    • update manifest for store listing process
20/12/2019 - Beta 3
  • New / Improved Features :
    • add full-delegation support to API (with ui)
    • allow the use of a custom node for activation
    • add a option to recover an account (with mnemonic or private key)
  • Improvements in UI
    • improve display of notification in home page
    • add a presentation of metal on first setup
    • add some animation to smooth the load time and page changes
    • add error handling when the node rejects an operation
  • Bugfixes
    • change the way we approve domain (and check if the domain is approved)
    • various issues with ledger (bridge, deny handler)
    • various issues with reveal
    • error margin in gas estimation (100 gas)
    • various issues when emptying the storage
  • Misc
    • build and dependency documentation
    • API documentation
03/12/2019 - Beta 2
  • Improvements
    • only send activation when account is not activated yet
    • better handling of reveal (now network dependent)
    • disable delegation on non-delegatable account
  • Bugfixes
    • various issues with navbar
    • typos
29/11/2019 - Beta 1
  • Initial public release

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